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Claudius Peters is the specialist for bulk solids and process engineering in the cement, coal, aluminum, gypsum and bulk solids industries. Claudius Peters Projects GmbH, Germany supplies process plants as subsystems or turnkey plants and uses AutoCAD Mechanical 2013/2018 and Inventor 2013/2018 for the construction of these plants.

Another major division of the Group, the Aerospace Division, is focused on manufacturing aircraft components for the European Airbus program.

CAD-Becker.de develops applications for Claudius Peters, which are used in the AutoCAD Mechanical as well as in the Inventor.

CAD-Becker.de has been working for Claudius Peters since 2008 and has realized some AutoCAD and Inventor adjustments. First, Visual Lisp was chosen as the programming language. In the implementation of extensive application, the limits of the Visual Lisp language quickly came to light, so we have agreed on the .Net framework with the languages ​​VB.Net and C #.

Since the beginning of 2018, Claudius Peters has been using the Autodesk Forge Platform (BIM 360, Fusion Production, etc.). CAD-Becker.de also supports Claudius Peter as consultant and developer. We use a variety of Forge APIs to support the use of Forge.

Edit COS-Nummer

COS numbers are position or item number of components in an industrial plant that Claudius Peters GmbH designs and assembles to its customers. These COS numbers differ from project to project, ie no fixed article number from the article master of Claudius Peters.

COS numbers correspond to a specific signature and are simple texts or texts in AutoCAD drawings.

The drawings listed in an Excel list are opened and analyzed in the AutoCAD Core Console. This analysis is very fast (1 - 2 seconds), even with very large drawings.

The found COS numbers are provided in another Excel list and made available to the CATALOGcreator®.



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