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Autodesk Forge Platform
Autodesk Cloud Accelerator in San Francisco 2016
Autodesk Forge Platform
Autodesk Cloud Accelerator in San Francisco 2016
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We realize your CAD projects

in AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit and Autodesk Forge Platform


We help you with the realization of your projects.


Services, support, training and programming. Various tools as AutoCAD Plugin or Addin programmed in C # and Visual Lisp.

  • Program language: Visual Lisp, C # and VB.Net for AutoCAD 2010/2013/2014, Inventor 2014
  • Creation of a cleanup tool plugin for AutoCAD
  • Creation of an archiving tool plugin for AutoCAD
  • Create an AutoCAD plugin that standardizes drawings
  • Analysis of item numbers
  • iLogic rules created in Inventor
  • Autodesk Forge Platform (BIM 360 Docs)
  • Used internationally

Further information you find here.

hb Solar GmbH

hb Solar - Renewable Energy Expert - (insolvent)
Successor company: mistral SOLAR APPLICATIONS

Services, support, training and programming.
Design and presentation of photovoltaic systems.

  • Program language: C # and AutoCAD 2010 - 2012.
  • Datenbase: MS SQL-Server
  • Used internationally


In the course of the conversion of the AutoCAD's to the version 2018 all existing functions, which were developed in the course of the time (since approx. 1995), were revised.

The loading process of the LISP routines has been modernized. Now the LISP routines are loaded from the ApplicationPlugins folder.

It is no longer necessary ACAD.lsp, ACADDOC.lsp or similar, because they are problematic in international use in heterogeneous system.

Some LISP routines have been replaced with C # routines for better functionality.

A language selection was implemented and expanded in the future.

Information about the company Coperion can be found here.

Various projects are being worked on in cooperation with IBK-Velbert.

  • Programming in AutoCAD with the programming language C #
  • Database Applications
  • Interface programming
  • conversions
  • Batch conversion
  • Creation of PDF file in batch mode

Programming of a project management for an engineering office - building physics, fire protection and structural design -
Recording of project data, employee times, offers, invoices, incoming payments, document management, task management.

  • Programming language C #
  • Database: MS SQL Server

Further information about Ingenieurbüro Figge can be found here.

Application as PlugIn for AutoCAD 2014 in C # (.Net)

Creates layers based on a specific layer list with selection of discipline, main group, and content. The user can individually enter the selection, search in the layer list and submit a suggestion for new layers by email.

  • Programming language: C# (.Net)
  • Multilingual

As of February 01, 2017, N + P has taken over the business of teamheese AG.

Training for the MBtech Group, Mannheim

Two-week C # (.Net Framework) training

  • Introduction to the C # programming language
  • Structure of an application
  • object oriented programing
  • Properties, methods and events
  • Class definition and its derivation
  • Database application
  • LINQ
  • Analysis of excel sheets

Design of cooling ceilings

  • Programming language: C #, Visual Lisp, AutoCAD 2012/2013/2014/2018
  • Conversion from 32bit to 64bit, adaptation to Windows 7 and Windows 10
  • Converting the programs written in Visual Lisp to C #
  • mass investigations
  • Database: MS SQL Server
  • Used internationally

You can find more information about Zent-Frenger here.

Rogers Germany GmbH

Rogers Germany GmbH interesting applications: Microchannel coolers, DCB substrates, high-performance coolers, PC coolers, temperature controllers, Superclick, oxygen sensors, glass-metal channels, transistor holders, DCB cabinets, battery covers, special cabinets, sensor cabinets, fuse sockets, hybrid cabinets, carbon nanofibers .

I trained some employees in C# programming for Rogers Germany GmbH, especially in connection with AutoCAD. With the help of my support, the employees have created their own developments.

Due to time constraints, I created a program that edits product ini files.


About us

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Jürgen A. Becker
Detmolder Str. 786
33699 Bielefeld

+49 (5202) 9953808 
+49 170 870 8679

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